Village Plan

Middleton Stoney Village Plan Meeting

Wednesday 29th November 2023 from 7.00 pm at Middleton Stoney Village Hall

The Middleton Stoney Parish Council Village Plan is the result of several years of hard work by all the Parish Councillors. This Village Plan aims to define what makes living in Middleton Stoney a special place. 

The Parish Council will use this Village Plan as a guide to ensure that the Middleton Stoney Parish looks the way residents want it to look in the future. While the Parish Council is open to changes that can keep the Parish fresh, they also need to ensure that such changes do not spoil the character of Middleton Stoney Parish.

Supporting Information:

3 KEY AREAS FOR ACTION: Click Here for full details

  • Tackling the Traffic Problems in the Village.
  • Improving Village Life
  • Planning

ACTION PLAN 2023-2028: Click Here for full details

  • Tackling The Traffic Problems in the Village
  • Improving Village Life
  • Sustainable Planning

Full Village Plan Details: Click here for full details

Cherwell District Council 2040 Review Plan: Click here for full details

Middleton Stoney Response for the CDC 2040 Review Plan: Click here for full details

Parish Priorities: Click here for full details

Agenda for 29th Meeting


The draft Village Plan for Middleton Stoney. The Parish Councillors welcome all residents views on this and any idea’s which you think might need to be added. The Parish Council will report annually on progress at the annual Parish Meeting which usually takes place in the Village Hall in May (Dates of Parish Council Meetings). All of the village groups are run by volunteers who give their time freely. If you want to get involved, feel free to contact one of them.

Please, or go to the Contact details on the website

Final Village Plan 2024 – 2028

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