News from Oxfordshire County Council, below

“As you may be aware, Fix My Street is a web-based application which members of the public can use to report problems on our highways. Oxfordshire County Council in turn uses it to track and resolve these problems.

From any computer or mobile device your constituents are able to report issues on the roads as they find them. Whilst this has been true for some time, new developments to the software will mean that feedback from our teams will be much quicker and clearer. Those that report issues can now expect to be updated at each stage of the resolution process. Users can also see if an issue has already been reported, and register themselves for updates if they want to stay up to date on our progress.

The new version of Fix My Street is now live, and in the coming weeks our highways teams will begin to use this as their day-to-day inbox of issues, giving them a clear overview of defects that need attending to.

To date, Fix My Street has not been our primary tool for public reports. As a result, the majority of issues marked as ‘open’ on the map relate to issues that have actually been resolved on the highway. Due to this, we are planning to close all reports opened prior to January 2017. This will give the cleanest possible ‘inbox’ for our inspectors to start with. The author will be sent an explanation by email, and encouraged to reopen their report if they do not agree that the issue has been dealt with. There is a possibility that you could be contacted about this by your constituents. Please assure them that this is part of a project to improve the responsiveness of the system. We recommend that you advise them to find and re-open the report through the Fix My Street website, and reassure them that they should now expect a personal response.

We did this to a lesser extent back in February when we removed over 13000 old issues that had been clogging up the system. More than 5000 emails were sent out to the authors of the most recent reports inviting them to reopen their issue if they did not feel it had been dealt with; only 385 issues were reopened – less than 1%.

Once our highways teams have fully transitioned to using the new system exclusively, currently planned for 24 July, residents will receive a message every time we update their issue. Reports will be closed individually, and any future mass-closures of this type should not be necessary.”