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Here is an email received from the team working on the Mid Cherwell Plan

“AT LAST!  You have been waiting patiently to see the Plan documents, and now you can.

Please click here to go straight to the website page where you will find the Pre-Submission Consultation version of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Since April, when we received the report from our Health Check examiner, the Plan has been through a major rethink, with a few previous policies dropped, others revised, and some new ones added.

You may find it easiest to start by looking through the Summary Report, before diving into the detail of the Full Report and Appendices. There’s lots to read, but there should be sufficient time to do so in the 6-week statutory period starting from Monday, 7th August 2017.

You can also link from that web page to the on-line response form, making it easy for you to let us have feedback on whether you support the 18 policies, and to send any comments that you wish to make.

If you prefer to send in a written response instead of using the on-line form, a response form can be downloaded from the website here.

All feedback must be received by Tuesday, September 19th 2017.”